The AL East and the Hunt for October

The Yankees and the Rays are demonstrating why they are arguably two of the best teams in baseball. Not to mention that Red Sox Nation is, and should be, greatly disappointed. Both New York and Tampa Bay are tied for first in the AL East while Boston sits 4 games back.  Will this trend continue? Will this be how the AL East will play out in 2010? Obviously time will tell and it is only April.

However, I think 2010 will be a watershed moment in the AL East. As long as the Yankees stay healthy and C.C. remains being C.C., the Yankees will be playing in October. This is nothing surprising. The moment comes with the Rays staying in the hunt and building on last year’s success. The Red Sox will be out as the Rays will get the Wild Card.

The rivalry between New York and Boston I think is going to take a back seat to this year. It will be New York and Tamp Bay that vie for the AL East title and post season run as AL East Champions.

As for the Red Sox, there’s always next year.


2 thoughts on “The AL East and the Hunt for October

    • fxd6, I didn’t say the Yankees will win another championship. However, while it is still early in the season, I think the Yankees have the tools to go deep into the playoffs. The Rays I think are a good team this year so there is the competition in the East. The usual suspects from the AL Central and West will be in the hunt as well. Come June, I think we will have a better picture of where teams stand. But, I still think this season is lost for the Red Sox.

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