Volquez’s 50-Game Suspension

The 50 game suspension of Red’s pitcher Edinson Volquez for using a performance enhancing drug is disappointing. I, as most followers of the sport, understand the reasons players have used to justify the use of banned substances. Although I understand, I don’t agree. A professional baseball player is or at least is supposed to be, just that, a professional. Except Volquez will get to “serve” his suspension while he’s still on the Disabled List.

Many of us view sports at the professional level through our individual cultural and moral perspectives. However, as a collective group, we seem to allow people of specific professions to “get away” with indiscretions.  I am not proclaiming myself to be a perfect person, there is no such thing.  However, shouldn’t we expect more from our athletes?

I have never been one to promote the belief that an athlete should be a “hero.” I’m sure there are some who have done something heroic in their lifetime; but merely being a major league pitcher does not constitute heroism.  So, when a pitcher, or outfielder like Manny Ramirez, receive a suspension for using banned substances I believe we as a society need to take a hard look at our societal morals. The concern seems to not be what the player did wrong, but what it will cost the player. Volquez’s suspension will cost him over $130,000. While Volquez’s reasons are different than others who have tested positive, it still is troublesome.  Volquez should have shown more responsibility. His actions, as well as those of the Canseco’s and the McGwire’s costs the game and its fans much more.

I am disappointed the suspension will encompass some of his time on the DL. In fairness, his suspension should begin upon his return. All 50 games that he misses should be when he is physically able to play. That carries more weight, in my mind at least, than the current suspension.

Of course, we will all forget about this by next week because we’re preoccupied with the NFL and Ben Roethlisberger. But I digress…..


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