Making the Right Call

Every now and then the team you root for is going to be on ESPN on Sunday night which is great if you like having the spotlight of the nation on your team.  And as much as this Mets fan doesn’t like Jon Miller saying “Bel-trahn” rather than just “Beltran”, having the game on Sunday night is a great way to end the weekend.  As followers of the game will tell you the game is played outside and the elements on occasion, come into play; myself being a recent recipient of the power of the rain.

Tuesday’s Mets v. Cubs game was delayed a half an hour by the rain, thankfully because getting to the game sucks, especially when it starts to rain and people driving, freak out and forget anything they did remember about driving.  The rain came to the rescue and the 7:05 start became 7:30 start and aside from having to sit on a wet seat for a bit, the rain held off after it’s little spurt of rain.

But last Sunday when the Mets were playing the Braves on ESPN the rain got to the point that the umpires decided to halt the game in the middle of the sixth inning.  The rain persisted for about half an hour or more when ESPN decided to go to Sportscenter, which is their prerogative.   However mid-way through Sportscenter, they broke in to tell you that the game had been called and the Mets had won 1-0.  For this Mets fan, a victory is a victory regardless of how it comes but that’s not the right call.

All too often ESPN and MLB will have a game in a rain-delay… and KEEP it there for hours at a time, simply because it’s the Yankees and Sox or Mets and Phillies and they really, really, REALLY want to air the game. Look, I am as die-hard a Mets fan as there is, but this was the right call.  A half hour into a rain delay (which lasted into Monday, then canceling Monday’s Mets/ Dodgers game) the game was called.  Fans, as die-hard as they might be, don’t want to wait 2 hours to see a game continued.  Call the game, like they did and if it’s an official game, then it’s an official game, if it’s not make it up.  It really is that simple

In this case the fans of the Mets and Dodgers get a doubleheader today, a true doubleheader, the likes of which are rarely seen because of reasons I will not to get into here.  But today, starting at 4 o’clock those lucky fans with a ticket to today’s 7:05 start will get to see BOTH games for the price of one ticket! Again, making the right call and letting the fans into see one or both of the games… The fans pay the salaries, the fans cough up $19 to park at the stadium, fans buy the food, beer and souvenirs. Think of the fans and not the bottom line MLB (and ESPN) when you decide to keep the Marlins/ Nationals (or whatever teams) in a 2 hour rain delay, just so you can get paid.


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