All good streaks must come to an end

So the Mets went on an 8 game winning streak that came to an abrupt end today thanks to a certain Roy Halladay. A three hit performance by last year’s AL Cy Young winner illustrates just how quickly a streak in baseball can end. Yet, the Mets are proving to be a pleasant surprise for the baseball town that is New York.

While the Yankees are holding their own behind the AL East leading Rays, the Mets sit atop the NL East by half a game. The Mets are currently 11-5 at home. However, they are 3-5 on the road. Undoubtedly they will have to improve their road record as the season progresses. But, for a moment let us look at what the Mets are showing everyone they have become.

The 2009 season saw the Mets plagued by injuries to the core of their team. 2010 is a new season. Jose Reyes and David Wright are back. Santana is 4-0 so far this season. I am not saying the Mets will be playing come late October, but they are on the right path. This is surprising considering their woes of last season.

While Yankee fans take pleasure in watching the Amazin’s falter every year, I think having a Met team that is playing well is a good thing for New York. I remember the days of Roger Clemens and Mike Piazza facing off in the World Series. I remember the buzz that fans of both teams had. More recently, I remember how the Yankees faced off against the most hated rivals of their metropolitan brethren in last year’s World Series. A city that is fortunate to have a team that many can be passionate about is one thing. But for a city to have two teams that stir such passions is a blessing for fans. The season is only a month old. However, if this most recent streak the Mets had is indicative of things to come this year; then not only will the AL East be something to watch, but so will the NL East.


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