Keep Strasburg in the Minors…..for now

There has been much hype about the National’s pitching prospect Stephen Strasburg. Much of the talk out there has suggested the Nationals bring Strasburg up to the Majors now. I say he should stay in the Minors….for the time being.

Rather than bring him up to the Big Leagues to a team that is currently one game over .500 and 4.5 games behind the Phillies in the NL East; let him develop.

I believe it is safe to say he will be effective once he gets to the “show.” However, the Nationals are not playoff bound. If the organization wants to build the team around Strasburg, then let him be fully prepared so he can fulfill the expectations.

I suggest that if he comes up to the bigs this season, the earliest should be after the All-Star break. Failure to allow Strasburg to develop will only create a Ryan Leaf scenario that, if at all possible, should be avoided.

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One thought on “Keep Strasburg in the Minors…..for now

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