Please Bud, no more!

Look it’s time to end this “experiment” called interleague play in Major League Baseball.

It’s not like I am jealous or have hatred towards the Yankees because they’re the “rival” in the Subway Series in which the Mets are forced to play (which by the way should be the name of the WORLD SERIES against them only). It’s that the subway series, or any of the other goofy names that have cropped up over the years and overall, a series of games in which, frankly, this fan’s not THAT interested in anymore… I can’t be alone.

To this fan, Interleague play has lost its luster and it’s time to do away with it; but I don’t think the commissioner would let that happen because of the all-mighty dollar.  I would rather see the schedule be balanced, the way it used to be, when we didn’t have to see the Red Sox play the Yankees for 19 times (at an average 4 hours a game).  Lets go back to the way it used to be and not just for nostalgia but for something different.  MLB has shown an ability to adapt, it’s time to adapt Bud and do away with interleague play OR seriously tweak it.

Interleague play was fun, cool and interesting for the first…. five to seven years but now I have to cope with having to play the teams I’d rather wait to see play if the team is in the World Series, but that’s not going to happen. So we’ll have to suffer watching the I-70 Series or Show-Me Series (St. Louis vs. KC) or the Citrus Series (FLA vs. TB) or even the fun to say Red Line Series (know who plays that?)

It’s fun, but for this fan, it’s over.

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