Holy Jimenez part 2!

Ubaldo Jimenez’s 0.78 ERA and 10-1 record is something just short of amazing. Considering the propensity for hitters to launch balls over the fence; and did I mention he pitches in Colorado? I do not expect his ERA to stay at its current level. However, Jimenez’s season is on the path to being simply phenomenal.

Historically what Jimenez is doing is very rare. From the fan’s perspective the way Jimenez is pitching is fun to watch. He followed up a no-hitter with a 4-hit shutout. We could be witnessing the beginnings to a 30 win season. Do I think he will do it? Time will tell and the season is a long one. But for arguments sake, lets look at some numbers.

He is 10-1, he currently has 70 strike outs, 2 complete games, and a 90% winning percentage. The most amazing thing to this writer, is the fact that he pitches in Colorado. That’s home field. Can we chalk up Jimenez’s success, not to mention Halladay’s and other pitchers to the a decline in power hitters? Maybe. However, I think we are witnessing the beginning of a mini-era in baseball. For example, we have Halladay, Jimenez, Sabathia, Lee, and the pitching “messiah” that is Stephen Strasburg. While for the past two decades hitters have seemingly out performed pitchers, as fans I think we should sit back and enjoy what good pitching can be.

So as a fan of the game I say let’s see what you can do Ubaldo.


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