Selig needs to do what is right.

I know that everyone is talking about the Galarraga perfect game, well what should have been a perfect game. I will start by commending Jim Joyce for admitting his error. Now its up to Commissioner Bud Selig to do what is right for the game, and reverse Joyce’s call.

Mr. Selig said the call will not be reversed. While it may be obvious to the rest of us, and I think it is obvious to Mr. Selig, it is not an easy decision. If the perfect game is awarded, what are the implications for the rest of the season. Usually, implementation of such things as instant reply occur during the offseason. However, I think if Selig reverses the call, than instant replay needs to be implemented in the regular season immediately.

That being said, the rarity of a perfect game demands that such action occur. Not only for the pitcher, but for the fans in attendance and for the umpire who made the call. However, I think this is one more event in baseball, that if Selig does not rectify underscores more significant problems.

Bud Selig has overseen the Steroid Era, and not done enough. He held fast on Pete Rose, which is arguable. He allowed an All-Star game to go unresolved because the two sides did not want to exhaust their millionaire pitchers. If the right decision is not made in the case of the perfect game, then I think its time the owners consider a change in leadership.

So from this fan congratulations to Armando Galarraga. Mr. Selig, I hope you are listening.


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