Strasburg lives up to the hype

Stephen Strasburg is fulfilling the prophecy. He was dominant against the Pirates. What is most impressive is his composure through all of this. As a fan, I am impressed not only by his talent, but his humility and composure as well. I think with Strasburg, baseball is witnessing the beginning of a return to players being just good players.

You may ask what do you mean by this VinceV? Simply, players are elevated to celebrity status. Unfortunately, and maybe this is human nature, many simply let it go to their heads. There are exceptions; Derek Jeter instantly comes to mind. However, it’s been a very long time since we had a player in baseball coming up who was as hyped up as Strasburg. In an earlier post I said the Nationals should wait to bring him up to the Big Leagues until after the All-Star break (see Keep Strasburg in the Minors for now). However, I must say I am glad to see he is so far doing extremely well.

As a fan, I am excited for the game. I am jumping on the idea about a new era in pitchingl. I think this is a good thing. I’ll go into this more in a later post, but a resurgence in pitching is actually a good thing for hitters as well. What is more exciting for me at this point, is seeing a player with so much hype and potential remain humble. I hope this starts a new era in the game (and sports for that matter).

So for now lets all sit back and enjoy what Strasburg is going to do. Let’s as fans however, remember that as Strasburg has said himself, he will make mistakes. He is not perfect, but good at what he does. I think we are witnessing the beginning of a great pitching career. Lets enjoy.


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