Why is Burnett bad?

After last night’s performance against the Dodgers, I felt I had to make a quick post about AJ Burnett. As a Yankee fan, I am quite disappointed with Burnett this season. His 5.25 ERA and 6-7 record is not helping the division leaders. In past seasons we have seen Burnett fluctuate on the mound. You never know what you are going to get when he pitches.

Is Burnett overrated? Possibly. His inconsistency on the mound makes fans cringe when he’s starting. Yet at $16.5 million per year, the Yankees have to use him. Are his pitching woes mechanical? Are his pitching woes psychological? Only Burnett knows. Fortunately the Yankees are capable of generating run support. However, as the season progresses the Yankees need all hands on deck. I suggest if Burnett continues to struggle, I think its time Girardi makes a tough decision and changes the rotation. Maybe Burnett needs a stint in Scranton. During the World Series last season Burnett was not impressive throughout his starts. Can the Yanks survive a playoff run with one of their starters pitching hit or miss?

Should the Yankees consider dumping Burnett before next season? That will be a salary issue. I’m not saying Burnett is going to be perfect every start, no pitcher can be. However, it seems to me that Burnett is a question mark every time he pitches. As a Yankee fan, woe is me.


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