Berkman in the Bronx

The New York Yankees added Lance Berkman to their roster Saturday. I think this is a good pickup for the Yankees. Berkman’s .245 BA is nothing to write home about, but his experience will help in the DH position. His best asset will be producing additional RBIs  for the already potent Yankee lineup.

Yankee haters will say why do the Yankee’s need another expensive bat? The answer is simple, get a map of Florida and look at the city of Tampa Bay. The Rays are on the heels of the Yankees. Yankee pitching needs to stay on its game. Sorry Phil Hughes, you simply cannot afford to give up 3-run shots when you are only up 2-0. The addition of Berkman brings more than just another veteran player. His presence in the dugout further illustrates the Yankee commitment to winning.

Yankee fans will be happy, Yankee haters will say this is the ongoing expansion of the empire. Yet, when teams such as the Phillies acquire Roy Oswalt, it’s a good pickup for them. I say the Yankees want to win, they know how to win, and they should do what it takes to win. This is after all a competitive sport, right?

Agree? Disagree? Let me know what you think!


4 thoughts on “Berkman in the Bronx

  1. Vince,

    I think you have a great blog here as well. While I cover all sports in my blog, my passion and expertise have always been in baseball. It’s great to see a blog like yours devoted to the game.

    As far as Berkman goes, I think it’s a good pick but even as a Red SOx fan it’s nothing I’m going to get too excited over. It’s adding another good piece and some depth, but the Yanks were gonna be fine without it anyways.

    • Thank you very much. I appreciate the good words. Its a work in progress.

      Please don’t think I’m throwing a party about Berkman. I agree he adds depth, but you are right the Yanks didn’t need the help.

      My concern is Wood. After Sunday’s performance, he needs to relax.

  2. You’re right about the Yanks. They can’t win them all, but they consistently make the moves that keeps them among the elite.

    p.s. I’ve added The Outfield to my blog roll. Glad to find your blog.

    • I don’t necessarily agree with the insanely high payroll, but this is something that we can’t control.

      Thanks for adding me to your blogroll. I shall return the favor.

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