Can Cincinnati hold off the Cardinals?

Going into Tuesday night, the Cincinnati Reds are one game ahead of the St. Louis Cardinals. The question is, can the Reds keep the lead? After all, according to some, the Cardinals are only a bunch of female dogs.

The Reds are currently 64-49. The Cardinals, with the best player in Baseball, are not far behind. I think this is the race to watch as the season goes into the final stretch. The Cards have veteran pitching with Suppan, Carpenter, and Westbrook. But they have one other player you may have heard of…Albert Pujols.

Mr. Pujols is currently batting .313, with 28 HRs, and 83 RBI. In the past few weeks the talk in baseball centered around one man in New York. I’m glad the 600th home run finally came so we can all move on. Alex Rodriguez may surpass Hank Aaron one day, but Albert Pujols will surpass Alex Rodriguez.

Pujols does more than just bring a great bat to the St. Louis roster, he brings a quiet confidence to a team that contends in the National League Central. What’s more, he has done it all cleanly. Albert Pujols is  what the game should celebrate. With Pujols begins the new era of baseball. The era that returns the game to what it meant for generations of fans. A game where a certain level of class, ethics, and integrity were expected from players.

While the Reds’ Brandon Phillips likes to call names, I think the Cards are going to do their talking with the bat. Last night’s game is evidence of this. This race just got more interesting. Maybe Phillips trash talking is good, maybe its bad. Either way watch what you ask for. Mr. Pujols may just give you what you want.

Agree? Disagree? Let me know what you think.


One thought on “Can Cincinnati hold off the Cardinals?

  1. This is a rivalry that I think is great for baseball, the midwest, and the NL in general. It’s good to see if in full form this year, and I’d like to see it develop further into something like Red Sox — Yankees.

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