A case for replay…again

The Little League World Series is currently entertaining fans across the globe. Major League Baseball, and a certain commissioner who apparently will have his statue erected in Milwaukee, should learn from the little leaguers.

The Little League World Series currently employs the use of instant replay. I think this is a great thing. I consider myself to be a baseball traditionalist. If you read earlier posts concerning my thoughts on the steroid era, you will agree I consider the history of the game to be extremely important. Critics of replay may then say how can you be a traditionalist and still want replay? This is a simple question; I value the history and integrity of the game.

Baseball is a culture. Like all cultures, baseball must change with the times. We now have the technology to get the calls right. Why not use it? From my traditionalist perspective, the implementation of instant replay in baseball would uphold the fundamental fairness of games. May I remind you of a certain pitcher earlier this season who lost a no-hitter in the 9th due to an admittedly bad call.

I am not advocating managers challenge balls and strikes. I am advocating that certain, game changing and potentially division standing situations be reviewed. Hockey does it with goals, the NFL allows coaches challenges, and the Little Leaguers use it. Future generations of baseball players are experiencing the use of replay now. Does anyone in MLB think these kids may want replay when they reach higher levels of play?

I say we are overdue for instant replay. If not, Major League Baseball may face similar criticisms and animosity the World Cup did this past year. Can baseball really afford this?

Agree? Disagree? Let me know what you think below.


2 thoughts on “A case for replay…again

  1. Jeff, I agree. I think the video review to give the Braves a walk-off home run victory is a pefect case. For me, if baseball wants to stay relevant in an age where sports such as the NFL and NBA market themselves as the sports to watch, baseball needs to implement replay. Thanks for you thoughts and I knew replay was quick but that is really quick. Definitely needed in the game.

  2. I agree with you. I really enjoy tradition, culture and certain rules but certain plays at first base and home need replay big time.

    Critics talk about how it will make the game longer but I have different thoughts. I’ve worked in the sports TV industry and it only takes 20 seconds or less for every camera angle to be cued up and ready to play behind the scenes. Technology with video replay is awesome and quick.

    I don’t want balls and strikes challenged. Just particular plays in the field. If this means that MLB has to hire one new video replay umpire per game then so be it.

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