How to get into 2nd place

Only the New York Yankees can manage to hit 6 home runs in a game with the end result being the team is in second place. The Boston Red Sox, while out of playoff contention, managed to keep the AL East interesting. 


For most teams, hitting six homers in a game is phenomenal and usually results in a win. However, true to form, the Yankees don’t do anything small. Pitching has been the key to winning games for years. However, when Pettitte gives up 7 runs in 3 1/3 the former AL East leaders are in trouble. 

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Pitching will be the key to winning the division. With a strong Tampa Bay team playing their hearts out every day, the Yankees need to figure out their pitchers. Boston may not make the playoffs, but they can spoil the Yankees  hopes for home field advantage. With the exception of the NL West, the AL East is the most entertaining division in baseball. If only all divisions could have three teams near the top. 

Let’s enjoy this now, because once the impending departure of Carl Crawford, Carlos Pena, and potentially Rafael Soriano from the Rays is complete, it will just be the Yanks and the Sox again. 

Agree? Disagree? Let me know what you think!


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