The World Series

Prior to the start of the playoffs I picked a repeat of last  year’s World Series. I was wrong. Not only did the powerhouse Yankees collapse to the Rangers, but so did the Phillies. So, kudos to both the Rangers and the San Francisco Giants. I think this World Series will be an entertaining one.

I also believe this is good for the game of baseball. A New York-Philadelphia World Series would have been exciting, however baseball needs to see different teams compete. Unfortunately, you either love or hate the Yankees. It would seem if the Yankees are in the Series, a good portion of the country changes the channel. Having two smaller market teams play will keep casual fans tuned in, I think. Others will say the big name players are not there. I disagree. If Josh Hamilton, Vladimir Guerrero, and Tim Lincecum are not big names in baseball, then I would like to know what criteria is used to determine this. Oh yeah, there is a guy with a beard who plays for San Francisco that half of the country hasn’t heard of  yet.

Either way, let us as fans sit back and enjoy the show.

Agree? Disagree? Let me know what you think!


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