The Mets Are Nothing But Amazing

The New York Mets are a franchise that regardless of on the field accomplishments, lives in the shadow of the New York Yankees. New York is the epitome of a baseball town. Since the New York Highlanders to the New York Giants, to the Brooklyn Dodgers, New Yorker’s love their baseball. Met fans are individuals, who simply do not like the Yankees. I know this because some of my closest friends are Met fans. However, the franchise, led by the Wilpon’s, is a disgrace to not only their fans, but to baseball. This is why the Mets are amazing.

We can all agree the last bright spot in Mets history was the 2000 World Series. Of course they lost to their cross-town rivals, but they made it to the World Series. No New York baseball fan will forget the broken bat incident between Roger Clemens and Mike Piazza. However, since that season, the Mets downward spiral has become almost unfathomable.

The Mets just released Louis Castillo while still owing $6 million on his salary. Ask your average Met fan, and they’re happy to see him go. Jose Reyes does not seem to be the player many had hoped for. To be fair, he is injury prone. David Wright is without doubt the one bit of hope for this team. Yet at some point, he may leave and who would blame him?

One may think at first the state of the Mets is simply a managerial and player problem. The Mets cannot find the right mix of talent and leadership to get it right. However, what is most disturbing is the Mets problems are endemic to the organization. The realization the fallout from the Bernie Madoff scandal will greatly impact the Mets finances is heartbreaking to the Mets fans. I will not say I’m sympathetic to millionaire players who, at worst case, can be picked up by another team. However, it is disappointing as some excellent players such as David Wright are losing valuable playing years.

The financial problems the Mets franchise faces is sad because the people who will suffer, are the lower level employees of the organization. The secretaries in the front office, the ticket booth personnel, the beer guy trudging up and down the stands. They do not make seven-figure salaries. The fans suffer because they love their team. That is what a fan does. If a fan does not feel the team loves him or her back, that fan doesn’t buy tickets or jerseys or the beer. Case in point: the Tampa Bay Rays.

We all understand that baseball is first and foremost a business. However, this business exists because we all possess a love for the game. I hope, for the sake of the fans, the players, and the beer guy, the Mets will find a way to resurrect their franchise. Then, they will truly be amazing.

 Agree? Disagree? Let me know what you think!

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4 thoughts on “The Mets Are Nothing But Amazing

  1. Hi Vince,

    I’m a transplanted New Yorker living in the Bay Area — I moved last August. I agree with you about the organization being a mess — They are a total embarrassment, and now it looks as if the Santana trade will turn out to be a bust. The Beltran situation is utterly depressing.

    If winning it all is the only barameter of success then the 2000 Series was a failure for the Mets as well. For me 2000 felt worse than 2006. First of all, because we lost to the Yankees, and second of all because in 2006 everything seemed to be promising — even after the loss to the Cards it felt like we had a good future. Now…

    • I think what is most disheartening about the Mets is the promise they showed in 2006. Let’s be honest, this past decade appeared to be the beginning of a turnaround for the Mets. Who knows, maybe the players will use as motivation.

  2. I don’t if I would agree that the last bright spot was the 2000 Series. I think that the last bright spot was the 2006 season in which they came within a coupe of innings from going back to the Series –a Series they easily could have won. They played great against the Dodgers and if it hadn’t been for some bad pitching by (bum) Billy Wagner in game 2 of the NLCS, or had they somehow been able to hit Suppan in game 7, they well could have won it.

    Go Mets!

    • 2006 could’ve been something, the key phrase: could’ve been. I’m a Yankee fan so I sometimes have the mentality, particularly with New York teams that’s its all or nothing. So I have to stick with 2000 being the best we’ve seen out of Queens. I will say this, the mess the ownership has created off the field is extremely disappointing. The recent news about Santana seems to just pile on. The problem is they rely too much on Wright. What will Beltran do? Can Reyes stay healthy? Too many questions on the field. Hopefully, for some of my good buddies, (and my mother-in-law) the Amazin’s can make something of this year.

      Thanks for the responses!

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