Showalter Is a Bucking Oriole

Buck Showalter, manager of the Baltimore Orioles, slammed Derek Jeter and the Red Sox this week. Seriously?

I’ve never been a fan of trash talking. I understand the importance, sometimes, of getting inside your opponent’s head so to speak. However, try making the playoffs. Better yet, get to .500 for the season before you open your mouth. If Tampa Bay wanted to say a few words, I’m OK with that. But for Buck Showalter to criticize Derek Jeter is misplaced. To imply Theo Epstein’s “genius” is due solely to the number of digits to the left of the decimal point for Boston’s payroll is ludicrous.

Jeter won’t respond verbally, his response will come on the field. The Red Sox will put their payroll to good use beginning April 26-28th. I was a fan of Buck’s. I was happy to see him get the managerial spot in Baltimore last season. I thought, here is one more reason to watch the AL East. However, I expected better from Showalter. As a manager, you don’t say anything. Defend your players when necessary and prove your worth on the field. 

It’s a long season, it just got a whole lot longer for Buck.

Agree? Disagree? Let me know what you think!


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