The Mets Season, Amazingly, Seems to Get Worse

The Mets ownership needs $200 million. Santana is out. The Mets at least are paying $6 million for Oliver Perez to pitch. Too bad its for another team. Now, Jason Bay will start the season on the disabled list.

I, as a Yankee fan do not mean to pile on. I really don’t. However, the Mets can’t seem to get a break. 162 games is a long season. With Santana injured for now, Reyes’s health  is seemingly always questionable, and now Jason Bay is hurt, who knows what will happen. As I wrote in an earlier post, the Mets ills seem to be systemic to the whole organization. From the Wilpon’s financial struggles, to releasing Perez and still paying him. The Mets are a sick franchise.

The National League East is going to come down between the Phillies and the Braves with the Braves winning the division. The Mets, well, I think they are looking at a potential 90 loss season. No one can blame Met fans for not buying tickets. Not to mention the journey required to get to Flushing, although I’ve never been in the new Shea Stadium, I hear it is very nice and worth the trip. The problem is fans don’t pay to see stadiums. They come to see their team, and David Wright, play.

Again, I hope the Mets can figure this out, at least on the field. This way, some people I know (especially my mother-in-law) will have something to be happy about in July.


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