Why We Should Ignore the Barry Bonds Trial

Opinion’s about Barry Bonds differ greatly among baseball’s fan base. To me it is obvious his use, whether knowingly or not, of steroids will forever damage my image of him. His records are tainted, and they always will be. Baseball has moved on. Many fans have moved on. Because of this, we should ignore the Bonds Trial.

Baseball’s steroid era is a disappointment to many fans. Baseball’s lack of policing itself is a disappointment. Players like McGwire, Giambi, Canseco, and Palmeiro will deal with the repercussions for the rest of their lives. Baseball doesn’t need the specter of perjury trials looming over its season. Roger Clemens will go to trial in a few months. Do fans really need to pay attention to this?

I am in no way excusing what they did. However, at this point what does it matter? You can’t lie to Congress, try them for perjury, that’s fine. But the media coverage and the overall story is now simply, a waste. Let’s focus on the current season. As fans, lets hope there is no work stoppage come December. That is the bigger story especially with current events in the NFL.

Good by Barry Bonds. Enough is enough. Let’s move on.


2 thoughts on “Why We Should Ignore the Barry Bonds Trial

    • Except for Sportscenter, not much coverage here in the East. I’m sure once the Clemens Saga begins I’ll have to take up reading War and Peace again. I think the best thing for MLB is to give as little coverage as possible. Let’s move on from this. Focus should be more on the current season. Boston’s woes, Tampa Bay’s woes. The extremely impressive Rangers, etc. MLBs labor agreement is up in December, so I feel they should focus on their product to ensure fan loyalty.

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