A Met, an Oriole, and the Boston Red Sox Walk Into a Bar…

I understand we are three games into the regular season. However, the Mets are 2-1; the Orioles are 4-0, and the Red Sox, yes the Boston Red Sox, are 0-3. I will be the first to say the season is too young. We shouldn’t make any conclusions about the season. However, the almighty, powerful, pre-season AL Champs are win-less.

I may be wrong about the Orioles. Buck Showalter made comments before the season that I thought were premature. You need to win something before you can say something. Well, apparently he and his team took my advice.

The mighty (possibly overrated) Red Sox are struggling. They were swept in their opening series. What’s wrong in Boston? I guess you can have all the talent in the world. That doesn’t mean that group can actually pull it all together. Did I mention Tampa Bay? The Mets, surprisingly, seem to be holding their own. I’ll wait to pass judgement on them after their series with Philadelphia. Oh, and at some point they will go to Atlanta, you may have heard of a team there called the Braves.

The Yankee bats have come alive so far. Congratulations to Mark Texeira for breaking his April slump. In short, this very young season already has some surprises. Stay tuned.


2 thoughts on “A Met, an Oriole, and the Boston Red Sox Walk Into a Bar…

    • No, three games doesn’t make a season. However, for all the hype surrounding the Sox going into the season, getting swept is not good. I’m not saying they won’t contend. I’m saying yhou can have many big names, but its really up to Francona to get them to mesh as a team.

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