Josh Hamilton Has Only Himself to Blame for Broken Arm

Josh Hamilton of the Texas Rangers broke his arm yesterday sliding head first into home plate. The decision to attempt such a play, particularly when the ball was essentially in front of him, is one issue. The decision to come out after the game and blame the play on his third base coach, speaks to a larger problem. I’m not stating that Josh Hamilton solely lacks character. For that, he should blame our culture. We can debate whether or not Hamilton trying for home was the right thing to do. It was the first inning. Was that potential run the difference in the game? Possibly. In that situation, Hamilton should not have gone home. Is the third base coach responsible? Yes. However, Hamilton has the most responsibility in this. He ultimately decides whether to go home or hold up at third.

He admitted after the game, he questioned if going home was the right thing to do. If you question it, then you should stick with your gut reaction. My problem isn’t that he went home. My problem is he blamed the coach.

Let us not find too much fault with Hamilton for placing blame elsewhere. It’s what we do in America. My mistake is your fault. Our culture teaches us to blame others for all our faults. Politicians do it all the time. Lawyers do it all the time. Employees, regardless of where they work, do it all the time. Mom blames dad, dad blames mom. Johnny blames his sister, you get my point.

Of course now, I’m blaming our culture for Josh Hamilton’s mistake.

There are no winners in this situation. I am not defending Hamilton. He is responsible for sliding head first into home plate on a play that should never have happened. The coach, needs to be more aware. But please Josh, don’t blame the coach for this, you are at fault as well.

Agree? Disagree? Let me know what you think!


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