The Dodgers and the Giants Rivalry

In sports there are many rivalries. In baseball there are the Yankees and the Red Sox; the Cubs and the White Sox. Recently, the rivalry between the Giants and the Dodgers is in the spotlight. Unfortunately, for all the wrong reasons. Bryan Stow, a long-time Giants fan, was severely beaten in the parking lot at Dodger Stadium on March 31st. I cannot state how atrocious this evil, degrading act of violence is.

I am a Yankee fan. I’ve encountered numerous Red Sox fans. Never in my life have I ever “hated” a Red Sox fan. Hate is such a strong word and emotion. This is baseball.  A game where you hit a ball with a stick. In no sport, whether it be football, basketball, hockey, or soccer, is hatred warranted. Never. I cannot say for sure, but I would suspect alcohol was involved. However, each of us are instilled with some basic measure of right and wrong. Whether alcohol is involved or not makes no difference. I cannot imagine the mindset of two individuals who would commit such an act.

In light of this event, both the Dodgers and the Giants increased security. It’s unfortunate that we must wait until after a tragedy to change our processes and procedures. I commend Tim Lincecum for his donation to the Bryan Stowe Fund.

I also wish nothing but the best possible outcome for Mr. Stow and his young family.


2 thoughts on “The Dodgers and the Giants Rivalry

  1. Good post, and it got me thinking.

    As a Giants fan, I might “hate” the Dodgers but it’s only in the abstract and I’d never, ever hate any of their players or fans.

    The Yankees wouldn’t be the Yankees without the Red Sox for counterpoint, and so it goes with the Dodgers and Giants, Cubs and White Sox, and so on.

    I join you in wishing Bryan Stow a full recovery.

    • To me it is just difficult to fathom wanting to inflict physical harm over a team or sport. Of course this is seen countless times around the world involving soccer matches. Still not right.

      And you’re right. The Yankees wouldn’t be what they are if it wasn’t for the Red Sox or even the Mets. The rivalries are what make us want to watch.

      Thanks for the response.


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