Matsuzaka has a good a game…for once

Dice-K threw one-hit ball Monday morning in Boston. This may be cause for celebration in Red Sox nation. Maybe instead of Patriots Day, it can be Dice-the-K Day? Sorry, I had to try. Matsuzaka’s good outing, while a positive, shouldn’t be overly celebrated. It is a very long season.

Matsuzaka went into Monday’s game with a 12.86 ERA. His struggles this season are comparable to the Yankees Phil Hughes who may as well move to the outfield. I am not trying to downplay Matsuzaka’s outing. However, while he only threw 89 pitches, it helps when the opposing team swings at just about anything within 3 feet of home plate.

Toronto’s seemingly free-wheeling, swing-at-the-first-pitch attitude Monday morning lost the game for the Blue Jay’s as much as Dice-K’s pitching won it. Before Boston fans start parading in front of Fenway, Matsuzaka needs a few more wins and a significantly lower ERA.

I hope the Sox actually make something of the season. I say this as a fan of the AL East, the competition is fun to watch. At this point, it would appear the dust is settling and Baltimore is showing its pitching in-experience. Tampa Bay may just turn things around. There is simply no excuse why the Red Sox, with such talent, should be losing. Of course, the Sox should just roll the dice and see what happens.


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