Bud Selig wants to expand MLB playoffs

Bud Selig, in his infinite wisdom, wants to expand the playoffs to 10 teams in 2012. Will this work? Is it good for baseball? Should baseball have a single elimination game immediately after the regular season? These are questions that need to be answered.

In recent seasons we’ve seen single-elimination playoff games. The drama surrounding these games has been exciting to say the least. The problem I have with a single elimination game, is you can have a rather successful season, and poof, you’re out. Baseball, like basketball and hockey use series for a reason. I think you need to have a series. A three game series is sufficient. Winner moves on. This eliminates any questions about who deserves to be in the playoffs or not. Teams won’t need to rely on their ace pitcher. A series allows better use of your rotation so the number one guy isn’t starting the regular playoffs on short rest.

From the fan’s perspective, playoff expansion may be good. Last season teams, such as the Yankees and Rays, who knew they were in the post-season lacked enthusiasm in September. An expansion of the playoffs would eliminate this. Hopefully.

 A few more games to watch. More excitement because something is on the line. Who doesn’t like playoff baseball? I think this may be one of Bud’s better decisions.

Agree? Disagree? Let me know what you think!


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