Does Lincecum have a point about playoff expansion?

Tim Lincecum became the apparent leader of the resistance against Bud Selig and playoff expansion. Mark Texeira jumped on board as well. Do the players have a point? Possibly.

I understand the players are concerned over teams not deserving to be in the playoffs actually making the postseason. The NFL experienced this with the Seattle Seahawks this past season. That is why, any expansion needs to be a series. Not one and done.

However, we are talking about millionaire players not wanting to play a few extra games. Yes, baseball determines its best over the long-term. Will an extra playoff series hurt a team’s chances? I think not. The fans will eat this up. This would be great for baseball. Having an extra series will attract fans. This will allow teams to truly prove their worth.

For Lincecum to state that players are human, well, tell that to the fans paying hundreds of dollars to go watch him pitch. I am a Yankee fan, I disagree with Texeira’s claim this will hurt teams like the Yanks. In fact, it will do the opposite. Yankees win, that will simply prove the worth of the team. Same applies to Boston, Texas, St. Louis, Cincinnati, etc.

I say expand, and while Bud is in the mood to make changes, please get rid of Interleague play. Oh, and is anyone interested in some instant replay?  

Agree? Disagree? Let me know what you think!


One thought on “Does Lincecum have a point about playoff expansion?

  1. I don’t think there should be any concern about bad teams making the playoffs. As long as they don’t go and say there is a wildcard from every division, there won’t be much issue than what they already have from division winners right now.

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