The Mets have a winning streak

The Mets are on a 6-game winning streak. Carlos Beltran is finally swinging his bat. Jason Bay is coming around. Is there hope in Queens? For the Met fans, hopefully.

By no means do I think the Mets will make the playoffs. Its just not going to happen. However, if the Mets can play decent ball this season then kudos to Terry Collins. The problem for the Mets is, as I stated a few months back, systemic. The organization has problems from the top down. MLB recognized a similar situation with the Dodgers and stepped in. Its too late for the Mets. They will have to go through the pains of finding partial ownership.

However, the Mets players don’t seem to care about the organization’s problems. What I mean is they are not distracted anymore. They are playing with passion. At least through this streak. The way the players are performing is what fans of all teams in all sports want to see players do. Forget about the trials and tribulations of billionaire owners, play some baseball.

So, as a Yankee fan, rather than rant against the Mets or criticize them, I’m hopeful for the Met fans. Its not sympathy, its just good to see passionate fans have their team show the same passion on the field. The season is long. But it may not be as bad for the Mets, as we all predicted.

Agree? Disagree? Let me know what you think!


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