Let’s not celebtrate Jeter’s return just yet

As a pinstripe loving, die-hard, lifelong Yankee fan, I cannot be more pleased with Jeter’s performance on Sunday. However, I just can’t say he’s back to the Jeter of old. I want to, but I simply can’t.

Every player has good days. They have streaks. Baseball is a game of streaks and slumps. Jeter had one good day. He hit his first home run in 259 at-bats. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Jeter is a winner. His attitude is one that breeds winning. Do I believe Sunday’s performance will help him, most definitely. Do I believe he’s back to the Jeter of 2009? I need a few more good games for that.

What do I mean by good games? Jeter needs to put together a string of hits over a five to seven game stretch. He needs to improve his on base percentage. Most importantly, I think Jeter needs to get back , if not significantly close to batting .300. I believe Jeter will be comfortable at .290, but .300 needs to be the goal.

The Captain will get his 3,000 hits this season. I cannot see things otherwise. However, for Jeter, or any player, to have one really good game doesn’t mean he has all the bugs worked out. Baseball is a finicky sport. Baseball players are finicky athletes. Baseball, for all the talk about  bat speed, arm strength, speed around the bases, is psychological more than anything else. If Jeter believes he can improve, he will. If doesn’t, he won’t.

Good luck Derek, we’re rooting for you.


2 thoughts on “Let’s not celebtrate Jeter’s return just yet

  1. Jeter is one of the all-time greats. It seems almost sacrilegious to imagine the Yankee lineup without him.

    You’re spot on about the game being psychological more than physical, especially for veterans. I’m guessing that the greats – Mays, Mantle, Jeter, Ruth – managed to hang on so long and so well because they never lost the joy they found in the game as kids.

    • When Jeter calls it a career, the Yankees will just be a different team. I agree with you completely. I grew up with Jeter and the Core Four, so it will be tough.

      Thanks, for the response.

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