Hip Hip Jorge? Was Posada Right to Pull Himself Out of Lineup?

Jorge Posada, a fan favorite among the minions of the Evil Empire, pulled himself out of the Yankee lineup on Saturday night. There appears to be confusion as to why. Was stiffness in his back to blame? Does he lack the emotional maturity to handle batting ninth? Or is he considering calling it a career before the end of the season? I don’t have those answers. However, I do have an opinion on how the situation went down.

Does Jorge deserve disciplinary action? Technically, he was insubordinate. Jorge you need to  play. This is your job. I’m a huge Posada fan. But he was wrong. Your manager is not asking you to do anything illegal. Girardi wants you to bat ninth, you bat ninth. Whether or not you feel as if you are “pinch-hitting four times a game, ” to quote Posada, it doesn’t matter.

Alex Rodriguez, like him or not, is struggling. He still steps in and plays everyday. Derek Jeter is clearly not what he used to be, he steps in and plays everyday.

Conversely, I understand Posada’s pride is hurt. He’s been one of the guys for years. He deserves a plaque in Monument Park. I can understand he doesn’t think he should be in the lineup. But then go to your teammates and tell them you need a day to clear your head. Then go to Girardi and tell him you need a day and why. Be honest, be sincere. If he tells you he still needs you in the lineup and your batting ninth, you go out there and give it 110%. No questions asked.

I hope this unneccessary, over-dramatic, sideshow disappears sooner rather than later. The Yankees are running into problems and quickly. Kansas City took their series in the Bronx. The Red Sox shut the Yanks out on said Saturday night. A-Rod isn’t hitting, Joba is showing question marks, and the Jeter situation is still looming. I don’t mean to rant, but please.

Agree? Disagree? Let me know what you think!


4 thoughts on “Hip Hip Jorge? Was Posada Right to Pull Himself Out of Lineup?

  1. Jeter says Posada just needed a rest-day. There’s a thing in today’s Post:


    I think it’s a situation that was very strangely handled by JG and co. There’s something that we don’t know. I mean, a presser in the middle of a game? Seemed like it was just to stir up speculation…
    I think someone in Steinbrenner-town has it in for your boy.

    • I don’t really understand what is going on to be honest. It appears to be strange. Maybe this is the test run for when Jeter’s time is up.

      The hype and the drama around this is just crap.

      Thanks for the reply.

  2. I agree. Your team needs you, you play, in whatever position or in whatever slot the manager says.

    Jorge is my favorite Yankee of the recent era. This incident doesn’t change that.

    • This doesn’t change Jorge’s body of work. This was handled poorly to say the least. Its unfortunate because there are a number of guys in Triple A that would love to be batting ninth in the Big Leagues as we speak.

      Thanks for the response.

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