The Yankees, the Mets, What’s Wrong with New York Baseball?

The Mets implosion is now complete. David Wright is the latest injured Met star. The Yankees, while slumping at the plate, questionable pitching, and sideshow antics involving Yankee icons, lost 5 in a row. As fans of both teams contemplate what could possibly be next, we need some perspective on the drama.

The Mets need a shakeup from the top down. If a deal is completed to purchase 25 percent of the team this season, that may just do the trick. Injuries are injuries. Reyes may be gone come season’s end, we don’t know. The Mets need to rebuild and give serious thought to what type of product they want on the field. Then, they need to figure out what is needed to do that. I think in the long run the Mets will be just fine.

The Yankees, the Yankees are in a rut. The problem, is their age is showing. The overrated Joba Chamberlain is just not that good. The Posada incident is nothing more than a sideshow. As a number of sports personalities have said, and I agree, these athletes think they are the best and have always been told they are the best. They simply can’t call it quits. Jordan, Favre, Namath, Mays, the list goes on. Posada is doing what all great athletes do, they go down swinging (in Posada’s case not very often). I’m not apologizing for him, but we are expecting too much from a proud, popular Yankee late in his career.

I am slightly disappointed in the way the Yankees reacted to Derek Jeter’s comments. Jeter and Posada are best friends. Can you call out your best bud? I know I couldn’t. Jeter did what he thought was the right thing. I think, in the back of his mind, Jeter is getting a message. If this is how the organization is going to react to Posada, how will they treat Jeter in the coming months?

At the end of the day, baseball is a business. Wins equals profits. If the Yankees can’t hit, they can’t win. One message that is lost on the Yankee’s Front Office is the fans remember what these guys have done. That’s why Posada got a standing ovation Sunday night. I don’t agree with what Posada did; but this should not be the way he goes out. His career is, and was too special to end like this.

The Mets heed the fans wishes, Oliver Perez anyone? Both New York teams are in dire straits. The Mets problems will not be resolved in a season. The Yankees however, need to make some changes and they will. They’ve done it in the past and they will do it again. Lets not forget what these players, like Jorge Posada, have done for the organization. Lets not forget what players like Jose Reyes can do for an organization. In the end, I hope the respective leaderships of New York baseball are listening.

Agree? Disagree? Let me know what you think!


2 thoughts on “The Yankees, the Mets, What’s Wrong with New York Baseball?

  1. Honestly, I don’t think anything Jeter said was that anti-Yankees organization…
    It’s the Yankees administration’s comments and reactions to Posada and Jeter that keep this controversy alive.

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