What’s Cooking in Cleveland?

Going into tonight, the Cleveland Indians have the best record in baseball at 26-14. Yes, those Cleveland Indians. I must admit, the only name on the roster that jumps out at me is Grady Sizemore. The one problem, he’s on the DL.

Good for Cleveland I say. The City of Cleveland seems to be the butt of every sports joke out there. You don’t want to be a Cleveland team. The Browns, not so much. The Cavaliers, well that’s been decided. For a number of years, the Indians were one of the worst teams in baseball. They simply couldn’t pull it together. Yet what an inspiration this season. As a Yankee fan, my perspective on money and the business of baseball may be slightly warped. However, for the longest time I have said payroll does not guarantee winning, let alone championships. The Indians are number 26 in payroll. Could my Yankees learn something? I digress.

While my Yankees are struggling to keep pace in the AL East, the Indians are the model by which all teams can be measured. They are not relying solely on the long-ball. They produce runs. Asdrubal Cabrera appears to be an emerging star. Prior to the season I picked the Twins to win the AL Central. I may have to recant that prediction. However, I will do so happily.

This is still mid-May and many things can happen over the course of the season. That being said, the Indians are here to stay this year. They will be a force in 2011. I don’t know what is cooking in Cleveland. Unless something completely unexpected occurs, the road to the World Series may just detour through Ohio.

Agree? Disagree? Let me know what you think!

All statistical data from espn.go.com


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