Is Interleague Play Really That Entertaining?

This is the 15th year of Interleague Play. Outside of New York, Chicago, and possibly San Francisco and Oakland, are the matchups truly entertaining? The rivalry between the Yankees and the Mets always attracts a large following. Billed as the “Subway Series,” New Yorker’s look forward to the competition. The Cubs and White Sox may not have the most storied rivalry, but the competition is fierce.

Oakland and San Francisco are across the Bay from each other. The bragging rights are obvious. This season in particular with the Giants being the defending Champs. Overall, I think Interleague play has lost its luster. For example, the Detroit Tigers and Pittsburgh Pirates? Texas and Philadelphia? Seattle and San Diego? Minnesota and Arizona? Not interested. I’m sorry.

I will give credit to the Cincinnati and Cleveland series. This is only due to the Indians dominating the AL Central and the Reds are in the hunt for the NL.  I get Tampa Bay and Florida. However, the Rays seem to generate more interest from other AL East cities than Tampa Bay itself.

Washington and Baltimore draws my interest more simply due to geography. However, neither team brings charisma to the field or a winning record.

The Cubs and the Red Sox. Except for these being two of the oldest franchises and the Cubs ongoing quest for a World Series title, there is no significant interest for me. Although I do like the vintage uniforms in Fenway.

I would suspect I may feel differently if some teams were in tighter races. If there was more on the line. Unfortunately, at this time I can’t provide any good alternatives. I guess Interleague will have to stay.

Agree? Disagree? Let me know what you think!


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