The Mets Have Some Hope with Einhorn

David Einhorn’s acquisition of a minority stake in the New York Mets is good news for the organization. The Mets perpetual spiral to sub-mediocrity may just end. The problems the Mets have are endemic to the organization. No star player or new general manager or manager could effectively change any of that. Changes need to come from the top down.

Now of course the Wilpon’s can take over full ownership if solvent in 3 years, but this is a wait and see. I think Einhorn is angling for majority ownership and that would not be a bad thing.

Einhorn’s acquisition is not going to change the Mets situation on the field. Injuries are injuries. However, the combination of Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran are keeping the hope alive for the Mets Universe.  Considering the problems the Mets face, along with the injuries, they are only four games under .500. Not to mention they play in the NL East with those pesky Phillies.

2011 will be another season without playoff baseball in Queens. However, the only way to go is up. Einhorn’s addition to the organization may just be what the Mets as a baseball family need.

Agree? Disagree? Let me know what you think!


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