Zambrano’s Tirade, Truly Angry at Teammate or Just Seriously Frustrated?

Carlos Zambrano blasted fellow Cubs pitcher Carlos Marmol for his pitch decisions and then apologized today. Honestly, I don’t think Zambrano has anything personal against Marmol, but lets face it, the Cubs just aren’t very good. Zambrano is a star on a not so stellar team. Who wouldn’t be frustrated?

We’ve all worked with people who simply don’t pull their own weight. We’ve had supervisors and bosses who just don’t seem to make sound decisions. But we all have to get along and do our job. Rather than criticize your teammate Zambrano, why not be a leader and just do your job. I understand sometimes it takes some heated words from the star guy to  light a fire under the rest of the team. I get that. But do it in the  clubhouse. Don’t air the dirty laundry for all the baseball world to see.

We are of course talking about the Chicago Cubs. They are 23-34 and 11 games out of first place in the NL Central. I hate to write them off this early, but the Cubbies won’t be playing for a championship again this season. Prove your worth Zambrano, both on and off the field. Just lead by example.

Agree? Disagree? Let me know what you think!

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