The Pitching Woes of the New York Yankees

First it was Raphael Soriano. Then Joba Chamberlain needs Tommy John surgery. Now, the resurgent Bartolo Colon is on the Disabled List. The Yankees worst fears are materializing. Yankee pitching just isn’t there.

The Yankees’ wouldn’t be overly concerned if the Red Sox were playing like they were in April. The problem is Boston is living up to the preseason hype. The Yankees are playing without their 7th and 8th inning pitchers. Can Rivera hold it down? That is not the problem. The Yank’s need to get to the 9th with an intact lead. The Yankee bats seem to be as strong as ever. Sunday’s win didn’t rely on the home run. They  played small ball so to speak. It was good to see.

Another problem however, hitters have slumps. The perfect storm for manager Joe Girardi is a lack of pitching, and players like Texeira, Rodriguez, and even Granderson slumping. I’m no saying this is going to happen, but what if? The Yankees seem to muddle through whenever they get into a jam. Will it be the same? As a Yankee fan, I’m still going to watch. Boston is still going to play tough. So is Tampa Bay and the rest of the AL East.

Will the Yankees make that stellar mid-season acquisition? Who knows? Seattle just may not be dealing. Neither may Minnesota. Looks like it’s going to be a long, hot, dreary summer in New York. I hope there’s lemonade.

Agree? Disagree? Let me know what you think!


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