Move Over Football, Baseball Is the Game To Watch!

Red Sox Nation

Image by pinelife via Flickr

The Detroit Lions are 3-0 for the first time in 31 years; The Buffalo Bills beat the New England Patriots; and the Bears lost to Green Bay…again. Now that I summarized Week 3 in the NFL, let’s move on to the truly entertaining sport, Major League Baseball. The Division’s are clinched, and once again the Yankees have home field advantage. However, if you haven’t noticed, there are a couple of Wild Card races going on where the outcomes are anything but certain.

The Tampa Bay Rays are playing their hearts out and currently sit .5 games behind the imploding Boston Red Sox. There are two stories here. First, the Rays aren’t giving up. They will play like it’s the World Series this week against the Yanks. Aside from hoping for Baltimore sweeping the Bo-Sox, the Rays are aiming for the potential of a sudden-death playoff game at Tropicana Field. If you are a fan of baseball games that actually mean something….stay tuned.

The second story, and I will apologize to Red Sox Nation now, is the collapse of the Opening Day favorites who were predicted to win the American League. The baseball experts and Red Sox players can’t explain the inability for Boston to win games. We can sit and blame individual players. We can sit and blame Terry Francona and his management style. I will simply state this is baseball. There are slumps. There are individual slumps, and then there are team slumps. Unfortunately, the Red Sox chose to slump at the wrong time.

Let’s jump to the National League Wild Card. Atlanta seemingly had the Wild Card wrapped up. Except the Nationals decided to win the final series between the two teams. Now with St. Louis only behind by one game, Atlanta gets a three game set against the Phillies. The Cardinals play Houston. Anything can happen.

The regular season ends September 28th. September 29th the Cardinals are in as the National League Wild Card. As for the Red Sox, rest easy Sox fans, they’ll be in as well.

Agree? Disagree? Let me know what you think!


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