The Red Sox Or the Playoffs: Which Is The Better Story?

This is a picture I took of Red Sox General Ma...

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The Boston Red Sox are running away with the playoffs. Oh wait, they’re not in the playoffs. The NLCS and the ALCS are proving to be excellent series. Yet, we continue to hear about the Red Sox. Most recently, the departure of GM Theo Epstein for Chicago made headlines. Yet which is the bigger story? Boston’s collapse and subsequent organizational shakeup? Or the actual playoffs?

The answer to these questions depends on your perspective on the world of baseball. Your answers probably depend on whether you are a Red Sox fan or not. The stories coming out of Bean Town are important to baseball and the sports media. Someone must take the blame for the historic implosion. Of course, the media can’t control when and how events will unfold. They do have a responsibility to report the sports news. However, stories like this take away from the play on the field. Do Texas fans care? Tigers fans? Hello St. Louis and Milwaukee, what about you?

Boston fans, much like New Yorker’s and Philadelphians whose favored teams were eliminated, can easily survive the playoffs without hearing about the Red Sox troubles. In fact, many may prefer not to hear about it. The point is off the field issues, whether they impact the on the field performance or not, should take a back seat to the actual playoffs. Let the teams play. Let their fans enjoy the opportunity to see their teams in the playoffs. We can wait to see what’s next with Boston.


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