World Series Economic Impact On St. Louis: An Interesting Article

This statue, "The Apotheosis of St. Louis...

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On my journey around the World Wide Web this morning I came across an interesting article on ESPN. Due to the Cardinals run in the Post Season, the City of St. Louis is able to avoid furloughs for city employees. This is both good and bad.

The good is baseball is generating revenue and keeping people working. Let’s not forget those who sell the hot dogs and beer are making some extra money as well. The sports bars, restaurants, hotels, and retail outlets are making profits. The sports media and to a large extent, fans, forget the teams employee more than just players. Many employees in the front offices and those working the concession stands and the gates do not make several million dollars a year. So the longer a team is playing, the longer these individuals keep working.

The bad, if true and not just a political angle, is the City of St. Louis got lucky in avoiding furloughs.

The World Series tends to produce many storylines, both on and off the field. This article brings to light not just a city’s financial troubles, but demonstrates how the business of baseball impacts real people. While you’re watching the Texas Rangers play the Cardinals in this series, remember there is more to a baseball organization than the guys wearing the uniforms. To many, this game is real work.


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