Tony La Russa Retires

St. Louis Cardinals manager Tony La Russa (10)

Image by Keith Allison via Flickr

The historic  World Series that ended with the St. Louis Cardinals victory now leads to the end of a career. Tony La Russa is retiring after 33 years as a manager. La Russa is third all-time in managerial victories. Kudos to Tony for going out his way…on top.

Time and again we see many athletes retire and miraculously un-retire. Brett Favre anyone? The 2011 World Series made baseball history. Whether rooting for the Rangers or the Cardinals to win, baseball fans got what they hoped for. This was hands down one of the greatest World Series. For the contest to go seven games is impressive on its own. However, the epic Game 6; the hometown hero in Freese. And of course The Machine, Albert Pujols joining the Babe and Reggie, need anyone say more?

Baseball is like no other American sport. The game is more than simply hitting the ball. The game is a chess match on a life-size scale. Tony La Russa, was arguably, the master. La Russa’s retirement not only marks the end of a Hall of Fame managerial career. La Russa’s retirement marks the end of a managerial era in Major League Baseball. Joe Torre, Lou Pinella, Bobby Cox, and now Tony La Russa. These managers bridged the “old school” with the new. They came of age in an era where the long ball became king only to see the inflated hopes of baseball evaporate almost over night.

Congratulations to the Cardinals. Congratulations to Tony La Russa. Thanks Tony and enjoy your retirement.


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