Bobby Valentine As the Red Sox Manager?

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Bobby Valentine and Gene Lamont are the final two candidates for the coveted Boston Red Sox managerial position. The question this blogger has, would Bobby Valentine be a good fit for the BoSox dugout? Probably. Bobby Valentine brings a unique brand of passion to the game. Who else would disguise themselves with a mustache in the dugout after being ejected for arguing a call at home plate? I digress.

Boston needs a manager with a backbone and one who understands the numbers of the game. Valentine is known for his attitude. The Red Sox players will need to adjust to his style. Observers can safely assume not all personalities in the Red Sox clubhouse will mesh with Bobby’s. Red Sox ownership is involved in on-the-field and clubhouse activities, if Valentine can handle an involved ownership remains to be seen. The case for Valentine is strengthened by his managerial time in New York with the Mets. He took the Mets to consecutive National Leauge Championship Series appearances. Losing to the Yankees in the 2000 World Series brought its own pressure in the New York Fishbowl.

I’ve said this before and I will repeat it here, much to the sickening of Red Sox fans, Boston is more like the Yankees when it comes to the organization’s expectations. For this reason alone, Valentine should be the next manager. Gene Lamont lacks the experience Valentine brings. Simply put, Lamont won’t excel in the statistic driven business that Boston is in.

If Bobby Valentine becomes the next manager of the Boston Red Sox, a new chapter in one of baseball’s most storied rivalries will open. The Yankees and their fans will curse his name. Of course, Valentine will need to be able to actually manage the talent he would have. Former BoSox manager Terry Francona appeared quiet and cerebral. Bobby Valentine will be “loud” and unashamed to display his statistical prowess. What 2012 will bring for the Red Sox remains to be seen. From the outside looking in, I think Valentine is the best of the two candidates.



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