Major League Baseball Winter Meetings

The Winter Meetings for Major League Baseball are near. This time of year is truly interesting for us fans. At no time during the year do we truly get to see the business of baseball as much as during the Winter Meetings. Sure we hear of major deals heading towards the in-season trade deadline, but these meetings are the true deal making sessions. The deals GM’s make cause some observers to scratch their heads. Others, are overjoyed to see what their team’s end up with. The usual suspects will be wheeling and dealing.

A regular observer of the American League East, I’m used to the power struggle between Boston and New York. This year, that game of chess already moved to the Midwest as Cubs GM Theo Epstein is reportedly making a play for Cardinals first baseman Albert Pujols. If I were a fan of the Cardinals, I would rest easy. Pujols will not end up in a Cubs uniform. I agree with ESPN’s Buster Olney, this is just a tactic to gain leverage on the part of Epstein and the Cubs. The true target of the Cubs: Prince Fielder. The Cubs should invest in youth. A problem with baseball is too many older stars are signing large contracts that don’t reflect their ability to produce as they age. Then again, these players are brands in their own right and can negotiate what they’re worth.

The Winter Meetings are when the GM’s earn their pay. We can debate good trades versus bad. We can debate what teams are perennial losers and what teams are perennial winners. In the end, serious fans will await news of what their clubs do. Where will Pujols, Fielder, Reyes, C.J.Wison, end up? Time will tell. Will there a be a shift of power in any division based on a particular signing? Who knows. Sit back, and enjoy!


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