Jorge Posada to retire

Jorge Posada

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Jorge Posada plans to retire according to reports. The Yankee catcher was one-quarter of the “Core Four” creating the Yankee Dynasty in the 1990s and winning another World Series title in 2009. Posada was to Yankee fans what Jason Varitek is to the Red Sox Nation. This Yankee fan will certainly miss Jorge.

A career .273 hitter; 275 HRs, and career OPS of .848, Jorge won’t be in Cooperstown. His numbers are simply not there. However, like Don Mattingly, Posada elicits strong emotions from Yankee faithful. Jorge’s passion for the game and his position was never more clear than last season’s tantrum when he moved to DH. Posada was the right piece to the puzzle along with Jeter, Rivera, and Pettite.

Those of us who grew up watching the Core Four will forever be grateful for Posada’s services. We will be grateful for his committment to the team. His legacy will be more than calloused hands from batting with no gloves. Jorge will always be a Yankee favorite.  Who knows, the managerial ranks may come calling sooner or later. Are we sad to see him leave? Of course. However, there is simply no way we could see Posada in any other uniform. Now is the right time for him to go.

Thanks Jorge! Enjoy your retirement.


2 thoughts on “Jorge Posada to retire

  1. I actually think Posada has a long-term shot at getting into The Hall. It won’t happen in his first several years on the ballot, but I think when he is nearing the end of his eligibility, enough time will have gone by where the baseball writers will reevaluate his career favorably. Either that, or some future Veteran’s Committee will vote him in.
    Of the Core Four, Jeter gets in on the first ballot, Mariano on the second, Posada on the 14th or 15th, and Bernie Williams never gets in.
    Best Regards, Bill

    • I can see Posada getting elected to the HOF by the Veterans Committee. If he gets in, I would think his election would be due more to the teams he played on. Not to mention championships. I agree with your HOF prediction for Jeter and Rivera.

      Thanks for the response.

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