The Pure Hitter Ichiro Suzuki

Ichiro Suzuki opened the 2012 MLB season with a splash, well four to be exact. Ichiro’s performance got me thinking about the career .326 hitter. He is arguably the best hitter of his generation. What we must realize, Ichiro will go into baseball history as one of the best hitters all-time . I make this statement based on batting average and not number of hits. Ichiro is 38 years old and may not play long enough to attain the 3,000 hit mark. However, in ten years of Major League play, he has accumulated over 2,400 hits. The best comparison to recent players is probably Tony Gwynn. Yes, there is Wade Boggs and Ichiro’s contemporary Derek Jeter. However, from a pure hitter perspective, Ichiro, like Gwynn, can simply make contact on almost anything. I wanted to make a quick post about this topic. In the end, Ichiro’s name will stand along with other greats, and in Cooperstown too.

Agree? Disagree? Let me know what you think!


3 thoughts on “The Pure Hitter Ichiro Suzuki

  1. I am Japanese. Japanese peaple are proud of Ichiro .If he continued to play baseball in Japan, he wound estanblish new records in every section in Japan.

  2. Hey Vince, I have to say that I’m glad to see Ichiro hitting in third in the lineup. He is the Mariners best hitter, and at this point, he was being wasted in the leadoff spot. His on-base percentage is no longer great, so why not letting him focus on hitting line-drives (instead of slap-hits or bunts) when / if his teammates get on base?
    Nice post, Bill

    • Thanks Bill. I agree, it’s a simple equation, put your best hitter in the position where he can foster run production. What amazes me about Ichiro is what he’s accomplished in a relatively short amount of time in Majors.


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