What To Do About Ozzie?

Ozzie Guillén

Ozzie Guillén (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Is Ozzie Guillen good for baseball? I guess this depends upon your perspective and what you, as a fan, believe athletes and coaches should and shouldn’t do. Let’s set aside his actual comments and the deep emotions his words evoke. Ozzie Guillen has been, and most likely will continue to be vocal and opinionated. He is controversial, and that is part of who he is. As for baseball, the game as a profession that is, I don’t believe Guillen fits the mold.

What do I mean by mold? I mean the image Major League Baseball wants to create for itself. Just as the NFL created an image that transcends almost all ethnicities and social groups, baseball strives to do the same. After all, this is America’s pastime. What’s more, baseball is a truly global sport. Simply look at the numbers of players from Latin America, Japan, and others countries.

Guillen’s suspension  is dollars and cents. How will his presence on the Marlins bench impact the business model? That remains to be seen. What may get lost in this is baseball’s image. This isn’t the first controversy committed by Ozzie. Some may question why does the sport keep him around? One answer to that question is his ability to attract publicity. Except is this the type of publicity Major League Baseball wants?

Whether or not the Marlins should fire Guillen is a decision only they can make, with some guidance from the Office of the Commissioner I’m sure. Whether or not fans will stray from the Marlins or the game itself, is a choice only we as individuals can make.


2 thoughts on “What To Do About Ozzie?

  1. You make a good point regarding speech. Professional athletes and coaches or managers are public figures whether they want to be or not.

    Thanks for the response.


  2. I have to agree with you. Although it is true that as a private individual, he has the right to speak his mind, it is also true that as a representative of a baseball franchise, and as a rep of the entire sport of baseball, his words have to be placed in that context as well.
    If I were the General Manager of the Marlins, I would fire him. On the other hand, I wouldn’t have hired him anyway. They were setting themselves up for a situation like this. In fact, I would fire the G.M. who hired Ozzie. How could he not know that Ozzie would soon say something extremely stupid, as always?
    Nice post,

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