Yu Darvish and Yoenis Cespedes: Who Is the Better Addition?

Yu Darvish begins his pitch.

Yu Darvish begins his pitch. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Texas Rangers spent $50 million simply to gain the rights to speak to Yu Darvish. Oakland landed the Cuban standout Yoenis Cespedes. Now that the 2012 season is underway and we’ve seen the beginnings of their respective Major League careers, we are witnessing why the Texas Rangers and the Oakland A’s made smart moves.

Cespedes’ potential is evident. Barring significant injury, Cespedes has the making to live up to the hype. He is only hitting .262. However, his power is evident. His skills will refine themselves. We could be looking at one of the premier players of the future.

Guess Yu?

I’m more impressed with Yu Darvish. He shut down the Yanks lineup with 10k’s. Did I mention his durability? We won’t crown him with the Cy Young….yet. $50 million to simply gain the rights to attempt to negotiate with a player sounded outrageous at the time. Apparently the Rangers were on to something. Granted his first two starts showed some jitters. However, if he settles in, Darvish is going to justify the Rangers decision to spend.

The lineup behind Darvish undoubtedly bolsters his confidence. Are we witnessing the beginnings of a 20-game winner? Possibly. As Darvish adjusts to his new role, he can easily win 15 games this season.

The Better Addition?

Who is the better addition? At this point, that’s a tough question to answer. The Rangers are going to take the West and probably contend for the pennant against Detroit. Darvish came into an ideal situation. He has much to live up to, however he’s already on a winning team. Ironically, Oakland sits in the number two spot in the West behind….Texas. So, to answer my question: with the current state of affairs, Cespedes will impact his team’s chances more than Darvish, if Cespedes truly lives up to his potential. Oakland needs Cespedes more than Texas needs Darvish at this point.

Watching young talent come into the game is truly great from the fan’s perspective. Let’s see where their careers take them.



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