Buck Showalter, the Baltimore Orioles, and Fundamentals

Buck Showalter

Buck Showalter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Baltimore Orioles organization saw something in Buck Showalter. His emphasis on fundamentals is bearing fruit. The Orioles now sit in first place in the  American League East. Some detractors may say Boston’s implosion from 2011 carried over to this season. The Yankees powerhouse is just not what it used to be. So of course the Orioles have an opportunity to contend. Except the AL East remains a strong division from top to bottom.

Entering Sunday night, only 3.5 games separate the Orioles from last place Boston. Let’s not forget about the Rays. A phenomenal rotation and an offense that isn’t afraid to implement strategy, Tampa Bay is the cream of the crop in the American League. So how is Baltimore showing up the rest of the division?

Buck is being Buck. Showalter has the Orioles playing solid baseball. With Showalter at the helm, the Orioles don’t care which teams comprise the division. They play hard  and focus on the fundamentals. Again, that’s what being Buck is all about. Baltimore is here to stay.

What to Expect From the AL East

Yankee fans beware. Rays fans watch out. Red Sox Nation….nevermind. The Orioles don’t have  many standout players. Yet they appear ready, and able to contend in 2012.  Fans can expect the division to come down to the wire. The season is still young, but teams are making early statements. Let us not forget some Blue Birds from the North. Toronto won’t make the playoffs, but they can play spoiler. As a lifelong supporter of the New York Yankees, I’m concerned as to the success of these upstarts from the southern reaches of the Eastern seaboard. That being said, as a fan of baseball the entertainment factor significantly increased. Winning in the American League East means that much more. Teams know they’ve earned their record. The division as a whole is strong and that makes for great baseball.

As much as it pains me to say it, keep up the fundamentals Buck.


2 thoughts on “Buck Showalter, the Baltimore Orioles, and Fundamentals

  1. I’m hoping the Orioles can stay competitive all year. It’s good for their fans, who’ve suffered long enough, and it’s good for baseball. Matt Wieters is the real deal, and the young pitching looks like it is coming together.
    Nice post, Bill

    • Jake Arrieta looks like he will stick around. Not to mention Adam Jones is putting up some good numbers. This division is sill my favorite to watch. Thanks for the response.

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