Matt Kemp for National League MVP

Matt Kemp

Matt Kemp (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Matt Kemp is making a statement more for 2011 than 2012. If you didn’t agree with Ryan Braun winning the National League MVP last season, apparently neither did Matt Kemp. Kemp is picking up where he left off in 2011. He is putting an early stamp on this season’s NL MVP. He is also vindicating his supporters from last year. The debate between Braun and Kemp last season was a hot topic. Kemp didn’t need any princely help to add his name to the running in 2011.

Baseball is a game of history as much as it is a game of strategy. When Braun was announced as MVP, many questioned the selection and instantly asked what about Kemp? Kemp did the professional and respectful thing, the only thing he could do, and congratulated Braun. 2012 is a new season. Kemp isn’t playing for this season, he’s playing for last year. His message is in his bat. His message is in his glove. His message is to the writers.

Granted the baseball season is a month old. Kemp will undoubtedly hit slumps. However, Braun’s Brewer’s are not the Brewer’s of 2011. Braun himself is batting only .263. Kemp has another thing going for him, a guy by the name of Albert Pujols no longer roams the plains of the NL Central. Of course, with a .216 BA and 0 homers, the Pujols argument doesn’t standup right now.

Kemp is on a tear. Plain and simple. He has my early, very early vote for MVP.


2 thoughts on “Matt Kemp for National League MVP

  1. It is early, but you’re right. Kemp is definitely making a statement, though I think Braun hit three homers yesterday, so he’s going to be right there at the end, too.

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