Cole Hamels and the Plunking of Bryce Harper

Cole Hamels - Philadelphia - 2010 Alternate

Cole Hamels – Philadelphia – 2010 Alternate (Photo credit: BaseballBacks)

Very rarely do I agree with a former Red Sox pitcher, but I have to agree with Kurt Schilling. Cole Hamels was wrong to hit Bryce Harper. Baseball doesn’t need this. Why Hamels thought baseball in 2012 would accept such an act escapes most of us. If you agree with Hamels actions, you need to reevaluate your belief system.

A casual observer may conclude some players want a more edgy, aggressive game of baseball. In an age where football is under increasing scrutiny over violent hits and concussions; and hockey struggles to remove the image of brawling players, baseball doesn’t need pitchers “welcoming rookies” with bean balls.

Maybe its envy. Maybe, like Larry Bowa suggested, something happened in Spring training. Regardless, this was an unnecessary act. Hamels suspension is deserving, though lacking in severity. Zimmerman did the right thing. He protected his guy. The retaliation warranted. I for one look forward to seeing what Harper will do in his career. The on the field impact of Hamels’ suspension is minimal. Hopefully the message sent will stick.

Agree? Disagree? Let me know what you think!


10 thoughts on “Cole Hamels and the Plunking of Bryce Harper

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. Hamels should have gotten at least a 15 game suspension not only for throwing at Harper, but for virtually gloating about it in the post-game interview. With the off-day the Phils have, he might not even miss one start, which is ridiculous. It’s also great that Harper stole home after reaching first base.
    Nice post, Bill

    • Thanks for the response Bill. I to like what Harper did. I’m still perplexed at Hamels. Brush the kid back, I’m ok with that if you really have an issue. To gloat was just a bonehead move. Of course had he not said anything, there probably wouldn’t of been any suspension.

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