David Ortiz: the Silver Lining In the Red Sox Season

David Ortiz

David Ortiz (Photo credit: Keith Allison)

The 2012 season for the Boston Red Sox is less than stellar. The addition of Bobby Valentine, as suspected, hasn’t yielded the desired results of making Boston a contender. Granted, we need to factor in the injuries to Jacoby Ellsbury, Dustin Pedroia, and Carl Crawford. But, the Red Sox are just not the same old Red Sox of the recent past.

There is however, a silver lining to the cloud hanging over Fenway Park: David Ortiz. The perennial designated hitter and only member of the 2004 championship team remaining in Boston.

Ortiz will be the lone representative for the Red Sox in this season’s All-Star Game in Kansas City on July 10th. In the series against Oakland this past week, Ortiz sent home run number 400 into the stands. The question surrounding him now, is David Ortiz, a designated hitter, a future member of the hall of fame?

When David Ortiz completes his career, let’s see what his statistics look like. As a fan and observer of the game, I feel Ortiz specifically would need at least 500 homers, an average closer to .300 (his current career average is .284), and at least 2,500 hits to be considered. The hesitation, he’s a DH. The lack of playing the field hurts his chances.

Ortiz is the one bright spot in an otherwise gloomy season for the Red Sox Nation. The recent trading of Kevin Youkilis to the South Side of Chicago, and the long season 2012 is turning out to be, must be rough for Red Sox fans. Ortiz represents the baseball fan’s love of the long ball. When we think of present-day sluggers, David Ortiz is in the top five of the list.

Congrats to Ortiz for slugging number 400. He now sits 49th all-time in baseball history. Consider that approximately 17,000 men, have put on a major league uniform, Ortiz is a special player. Cooperstown special? Time will tell.


4 thoughts on “David Ortiz: the Silver Lining In the Red Sox Season

  1. As the BBWA voting pool ages with writers who grew up with the DH, I wonder if they’ll be more accepting of guys like Ortiz. You are right: time will tell.

    • You may be right. The DH is a controversial position for many individuals. I would think the minimum statistical threshold will be rather high for a DH to get into Cooperstown.

      Thanks for the response!


  2. There are three reasons why David Ortiz will have a very difficult time making it into the HOF.
    1) Fairly or unfairly, his name has been linked to steroids along with Manny Ramirez. With some BBWAA voters, that’s all it takes to get a NAY vote.
    2) He hit a lot of homers, but he did it in an era when lots of players hit lots of homers. If he hits 500, that will increase his chances, but at his age, it’s certainly not a sure bet he’ll reach that total.
    3) Being a poor defensive player / DH will also hurt him with some voters. Edgar Martinez was a better pure hitter than Ortiz (as measured by batting average, on-base percentage, OPS, OPS+ and WAR) and even he can’t break 36% of the vote.

    I’m not saying Ortiz has no chance, but he is definitely a long shot as of right now.
    Nice post,

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