Thank You King Felix

Melky Cabrera

Melky Cabrera (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thank you King Felix. Thank you for bringing baseball back to baseball. What I mean is simple. Most of the discussion around baseball, at least in the mainstream media, has been about Bobby Valentine and the debacle that is the 2012 Boston Red Sox. Today, news broke that Melky Cabrera, famed San Francisco Giant all-star used a performance enhancing substance.

The tragedy for baseball is the never-ending stink the Steroid Era left on the sport. I would be naive to think we will rid ourselves of the specter of PEDs. However, it would be nice to have one big name, one star, not be linked to anything.

As for the Bobby Valentine situation, debacle is the word that best comes to mind. Many of us questioned the hiring. Valentine’s personality had long been discussed. Most analysts and casual observers alike saw a problem immediately. Unfortunately, the Boston ownership did not.

Felix Hernandez

Thank you King Felix. What you did today is why fans watch the game. The suspense, the drama, the history cannot be better encapsulated than a Perfect Game. The baseball gods said enough is enough. Let’s have something the game truly needs in the spotlight. A  perfect game is a perfect story. Congrats to the King. Congrats to the Mariners organization and their fans. Thanks Felix, for putting baseball back into baseball for at least one night.

P.S. I’m still taking an absence from blogging. However, I was bursting at the seams when I saw the completion of the Perfecto in Seattle. The fan in me just couldn’t resist. Until the next post….Cheers Vince V.


2 thoughts on “Thank You King Felix

  1. You said it, man. Baseball is always at its best when we’re talking about some great on-field accomplishment, not the gossip and drama surrounding baseball that passes for news.
    Hope all is well these days,

    • Yes you are right Bill. Part of the problem, as with many things in life, is the PED stuff and the dramatic off-field “news” gets the attention. Ehh, I’ll get off the soapbox. All is well here.


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