Thank You Major League Baseball for the Races to the Baseball Playoffs

The Major League Baseball logo.

The Major League Baseball logo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I will say this as simply as possible, adding a second wild card spot is the best thing Major League Baseball has done in a long time. When first announced, I believed this was a good idea and so far it proves to be. We have playoff baseball in late August and September. The star players now need to show up. The average players now have an opportunity to rise to the next level. What more could fans want?

The American League East

The AL East is one of the most competitive divisions in baseball. Typically this battle involves New York and Boston. This season however, the pesky Orioles under Buck Showalter are proving payroll means nothing. The Orioles don’t seem to care much about run differential either. Baltimore is forcing New York to stay aggressive. Thank you Major League Baseball.

The Oakland Athletics

Sitting only two games behind the Rangers in the AL West and in the lead for the Wild Card is impressive, at least to me. Oakland will be a tough team regardless how they get into the playoffs. With seven games remaining between Texas and Oakland, anything can happen. Thank you Major League Baseball.

The National League

Barring any highly improbable, complete apocalyptic collapses, (I’m not even sure if mathematically they could happen), the division leaders in the National League need not worry about their playoff chances. The Wild Card race is what fans need to watch. Going into Sunday’s games, the Braves, Dodgers, and Cardinals are tied for two wild card slots. My apologies to all the Pittsburgh Pirate fans, not this season.This is baseball at its best. Thank you Major League Baseball.

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Showalter Is a Bucking Oriole

Buck Showalter, manager of the Baltimore Orioles, slammed Derek Jeter and the Red Sox this week. Seriously?

I’ve never been a fan of trash talking. I understand the importance, sometimes, of getting inside your opponent’s head so to speak. However, try making the playoffs. Better yet, get to .500 for the season before you open your mouth. If Tampa Bay wanted to say a few words, I’m OK with that. But for Buck Showalter to criticize Derek Jeter is misplaced. To imply Theo Epstein’s “genius” is due solely to the number of digits to the left of the decimal point for Boston’s payroll is ludicrous.

Jeter won’t respond verbally, his response will come on the field. The Red Sox will put their payroll to good use beginning April 26-28th. I was a fan of Buck’s. I was happy to see him get the managerial spot in Baltimore last season. I thought, here is one more reason to watch the AL East. However, I expected better from Showalter. As a manager, you don’t say anything. Defend your players when necessary and prove your worth on the field. 

It’s a long season, it just got a whole lot longer for Buck.

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Buck is coming to Baltimore!

Buck Showalter will return to the bench next Tuesday as the skipper of the Baltimore Orioles. I believe this is a good choice by the Orioles. Showalter won 882 games in 11 years of managing. He was Manger of the Year twice in the American League.  He helped lay the foundation of what became the latest Yankee dynasty. If the 1995 season wasn’t cut short by the players strike, I think Showalter would have at least one ring. Continue reading